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Albert Labs Interview 

We were really excited to provide production support again for our friends over at Albert Labs, this time working with Dr Malcolm Barratt-Johnson, Chief Medical Officer of Albert Labs. It was a great opportunity to see the work Albert was doing in 2021 and can't wait to see more real world application of this new medical therapy! 

Albert Labs Interview 

We were really excited to provide production support for our friends over at Albert Labs. They are aiming to get 'accelerated access' for patients 'to safe and effective psychedelic-assisted therapy' in the UK. We are really pleased with the final look of this interview. You can find our more about Albert's work by checking out their website: 

Represent - Ft Dahrk

We had an amazing end to 2020! Working with the incredible Dahrk, we braved the minus two degree December weather to create some really dynamic sequences using some real cool pyro and lighting effects. Big shout out to James Sandler, Executive Producer who went above and beyond to make this music video a reality. Keep your eye out for more of Dahrk on our channels in 2021!

Anne-Marie's Garden Promo 

We loved shooting this little promo. Our client wanted to capture the nature and tranquillity of her amazing garden! We loved getting down and dirty for a few tight macro shots as well as using our aerial photography capabilities to capture this amazing space from the sky! 

Check it out and prepare to get very chill! 

Flat 24/7 - The City Music Video 

In March 2019 we were lucky enough to be asked to provide production support for Flat 24/7s latest Music Video, The City. It. was a great few days supplying aerial photography support as well as multiple action cams. Directing by Sam Chapman, this video has a really funky vibe to suite a really funky tune. Go check it out! 

Murati's Pizzeria 
Flat 24/7 - Love From Another - Filmed Live at the BAC. 

In November 2019, we providing yet more production assistance for our friends at Flat 24/7! Check out the whole series on their Youtube page. It was a great evening producing these videos for the boys and big love to the Battersea Arts centre for providing sound and lighting support for the night! 

Flat 24/7 - Nottinghill Arts Club

In September 2019, the Silhouette Film crew were down at Nottinghill Arts club, providing video coverage of the Gig for Flat 24/7. It was an excellent evening capturing their music. It was great to work with the band again after being part of the production team that delivered their music video earlier in 2019. 

We loved shooting this little promo. Not only because the free pizza was probably the best the team had ever tasted, but also because the venue and its amazing owners were so easy to work with and shoot! Check out the promo and if you ever near by, Murati's is a must for good food! 

Balaklava Blues - Vaults Festival 2019 

In March 2019, the Silhouette Film crew were down at the Vaults Festival providing video production services for the group Balaklava Blues. It was an epic night to capture with some amazing projected content the team worked hard to ensure they captured well in pre production. Take a look and see one of the songs from the EDM set. 

Chantelle and Morris Wedding 

We were recently lucky enough to provide editing services for the wedding of Chantelle and Morris. We use the adobe platforms for all of our post production needs, including all of our graphic and logo work and audio post production work.   

REKS - Don't Ramp - NEON 

Back out with our favourite Graffer! It was a cold, overnight shoot this one, but the all the cold fingers and damp clothes were well worth it for this video. 2019 sees us investing in new camera stabilisation tech and it has really launched our DSLR shoots to the the next level! Check out dont.ramp doing his thing!

REKS - Don't Ramp 

Fireworks night of 2018 was a eventful evening for the Silhouette Crew. We got the chance to be back out with Don Tramp, shooting at a favourite location of ours. We broke out the pyro and the smoke grenades for this one. Take a look at our dystopian take on Graffiti. 

Michael and Carolina's Wedding 

In August of 2018, Silhouette Films were very lucky to be invited to capture Michael and Carolina's special day. It was a great days shoot, blessed with even better weather! Getting all three shooting platforms on site was great, adding some real dynamism to the shoot! Take a look! 

Olivia Warren

Olivia is a very talented poet and writer. We got the chance to spend some time with her, along side the team at Pangean to film this very intimate reading of one of her poems. It was a different challenge working in such a confined space, but one the team worked hard to overcome and create this beautiful video.  Take a look!

Patricia Wilkins 

Another excellent session spent with the team at Pangean and this talented individual. Patricia Wilkins has got some amazing moves to showcase in this video. Shot onsite in London, it was the first real outing for out aerial team on this shoot. Patricia was a total natural, considering this was the first time she has performed in fornt of the camera! Take a look! 

Circudelia - Fire Dancers

Last year we worked with the talented fire dancers Circudelia. A night spent under waterloo station meant we captured some incredible work from the troop. A massive thanks to the team at Pangean for once again providing excellent logistics.

Dive into this fiery video to see the guys in action! 

Aerial Show Reel - Summer 2018

It has been really exciting developing our new shooting techniques to incorporate drone technology. At Silhouette we always strive to get the most dynamic shots we can and using our new drones we can really get the camera either above or right into the action. 

Take a look at some of the amazing clips we have been capturing from both at home and around the world.

Reks - Don Tramp

This winter we were really excited to work with such a talented up and coming graffiti artists. Working out of an abandoned mushroom factory, it was an absolute pleasure capturing his creation. It was once of the first putting for the Drone on this shoot and we can't wait to get it in future projects. 

In August, the team were lucky enough to be working with the incredibly talented group called "The Cracked" at their set at Mini Fest 2017.  The shoot saw the team working with aerial photography for the fist time as well as load of new camera grips brought especially for the shoot.

Under the Covers - The Cracked - Mini Fest 2017
SHH... Musique LDN - Interview
Back out with the guys from Musique, we covered their SHH... Event at London's Library Club. Excellent night, working with a group of really gifted young people. We created a promo video and two interviews for the night. See Melodi's interview with Musique's own, Silver. 
SHH.. Musique LDN - Promo
When working on promotional videos, we understand that you want your footage to reflect the feel of your night! We use multiple rigs. From well designed interview setups to run and gun style filming rigs, we will capture your event in the most suitable way possible. 
A project that Silhouette Films undertook in May 2017. The client was looking to create feelings of distress and torment through dance. Editing was a key factor in the production process. A two day shoot over three locations. Great little project to be a part of!
Silhouette Films - 2016 Show Reel
A show reel documenting just some of the projects Silhouette was involved in last year. It was a massive premier year for us. We're looking forward to further growth in 2017.
Lucy - Music Video - The Cracked
Shooting across three days and across London, Silhouette were really pleased to be working with "The Cracked", providing video production services for the latest music video. 
Now Take 5 - Promo Video
Silhouette worked with the owners of 'Now Take 5' Sandwich bar in Royston to produce a new online ad for the business. We understand the importance of a well run marketing campaign and work closely with clients to produce videos that show off their companies well.
So far, 2016 has been full of some really great shoots. Heres a small compilation of just some of the work Silhouette Films is producing. Check it Out!
2016 Spring Show Reel - Silhouette Films
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