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Here at Silhouette, we only use high quality products to produce our films. We understand that our clients are looking for the most awe inpsiring footage to use in their videos, a feat not easily achieved without high end recording, lighting and editing equipment. All of this coupled with out teams experience will help fully realise your next big media project. 

With a variety of cameras available, including Canon 700D, 70D, 500D and Nikon D90, we have the ability to deliver bespoke camera rigs to get the best possible footage for your video.

Post production is, some argue, the most important aspect of developing a films look and atmosphere. We use industry standard audio and video editing software to give our films the cinematic touch.

With a backround in theatre, film and tv lighting we understand that apporiate lighting and camera equipment is an essential tool to create professional standard work. We have a stock of equipment that can be taken on site to aid in the filming process.

Amazing soundscapes and high quality audio capture are a must for any new project hoping to fully enage its audience. We use high end microphones and audio recording equipment to produce the crispest, cleanest sound.

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